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Liver cancer

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Where is the liver located in the body and which function does it perform?

The liver is located on the upper right side of the abdomen and the lower right side of the chest cavity. The liver has many functions. After food intake, foods are distributed to the blood from here. It helps the digestion, takes part in the removal of toxins in the blood. It is the largest and the most important body. Life without liver is impossible.

Liver cancer

Sometimes, liver cells can grow without control. These cells of which growing and spreading are not controlled are called cancer. Intrahepatic bile duct related cancer type may also develop. Over 700,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with hepatic cancer diagnosis every year. Most of the hepatitis cancers originate from the liver cells and a small part from the bile duct. In addition, the liver also possesses the feature of the first body where many types of cancer are spread.

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Most people can not observe early symptoms of hepatic cancer. When they appear, you can feel:

  • Early satiety
  • Loss of appetite
  • Flatulence under the right chest
  • Pain on the right upper part of the abdomen or in the right shoulder
  • Indigestion or stomach pain
  • Flatulence in the abdomen
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • White, flaky color, urine color, tea color
  • Yellowish color in the skin, jaundice in the white part of eyes
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If you have problems with the liver

and other illnesses that you do not know, you are likely to have hepatic cancer:

  • The presence and activity of long-term liver infections such as hepatitis B and C
  • Cirrhosis - liver cells are replaced by severe fibrotic cysts
  • Fatty liver from alcohol dependence – persistent accumulation of fat in liver
  • The presence of hereditary hepatic diseases - the presence of illnesses such as Wilson's disease (copper accumulation in the liver)
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Alcohol, excess weight and diabetes increase the risk

The most important cause of the cirrhosis in the west is the increasing use of alcohol in recent years. Cirrhosis itself causes the hepatic cancer, alcohol accelerates this process. Metabolic syndrome refers to the union of diabetes and excess weight. This syndrome causes the fatty liver and hepatic cancer.

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Toxins and chemicals

Some of the following matters cause the hepatic cancer

If you do not want to have pancreatic cancer:

  • Aflatoxins: The toxins caused by improper storage of corn, peanuts and red pepper. They cause severe liver damage.
  • Arsenic: It is specifically taken by water.
  • Torium dioxide: used during radiological examination (not used too often today)
  • Vinyl chloride: Used in plastic production, causes hepatic cancer.
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The most common types

The type fed by the hepatic cells (Hepatocellular, HCC) is the most commonly encountered hepatic cancer. Generally, it begins as with a single focus and continues to grow. If there is cirrhosis in the root, many HCC originating from multiple centers may occur.

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Other types

Types originating from the bile ducts are called cholangiocarcinoma. It is the second most common tumor. Specially, some parasites in the eastern countries cause it. Hemangiocarcinoma and anjusarcoma originating from the vein are among the rare types of hepatic cancer.

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Diagnostic tests

Your doctor should advise the followings if suspects the presence of the hepatic cancer:

  • Blood analysis: Some cancer markers showing the presence of tumor are checked
  • Radiology: USE, CT, MRI can easily identify new growth in the liver
  • Biopsy: After radiological examination if it is considered necessary
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  • Stage 1: Single tumor not spread to any other part
  • Stage 2: Multiple tumors spread into the vein, and the size of the tumor is less than 5 cm
  • Stage 3: The tumor spreading to the large vessels and neighboring parts of the body, the size of each tumor is greater than 5 cm
  • Stage 4: Spreading of tumor to other parts of the body
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