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Treatment of the liver cancer

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Surgery or liver transplantation

Stage, patient's age, general health status, the structure of the liver is important for treatment. If cancer is not spread to other organs and there is no other disease in the liver

  • Surgical removal of the tumor: If the location of the tumor and the patient's condition is appropriate, laparoscopic surgery can be performed.
  • Transplantation is performed if there is somebody willing to donate liver.


It is the technique of killing cancerous tissue in different ways:

  • Alcohol: Pure alcohol is injected into the tumor
  • Freezing (Cryotherapy): tumor cells are frozen using a fine-tipped needle
  • Burning: tumor cells can be burned using microwave or radiofrequency (RF)
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The liver is supplied with blood from two different vessels. They are portal collector and the hepatic artery, the main artery of the liver. Most of the tumors are fed from the hepatic artery. The treatment to reach the vessel with a thin wire and to clog the vessels feeding the tumor is called embolization. The process implemented using chemotherapy and radiation balloons are called chemo - embolization or radio embolization. The activities may vary depending on the type and size of the tumor.

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Targeted therapy

Cancer cells work differently than normal cells. The targeted treatment is the type of treatment that kills the cancer cells using this difference. In general, they kill cancerous tissue by reducing veins feeding the tumor.

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Can the liver cancer be prevented?

No, but you can reduce the risk of hepatic cancer:

  • Take Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Stay in a healthy weight, pay attention to your diet and do exercise regularly
  • Reduce the amount of alcohol: women can take only one glass and men two glasses of alcohol
  • Do not use intravenous drugs or substances
  • Have yourself tattooed only in very reliable places
  • As hepatitis C is sexually transmitted, choose safe sex life
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