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Liver cancers

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Hepatic cancers

One of the more common types of cancer in recent days is hepatic cancers. It has been reported that the frequency of occurrence in the United States has increased threefold since 1980. The problems are continuing especially in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkish speaking countries, Georgia and Iran. In the world, more than 700,000 people are diagnosed with hepatic cancer every year.

What are the symptoms of the hepatic cancer?

The symptoms may include weakness, fatigue, jaundice, pain, bruising and bleeding on the skin, weight loss, and obesity and flatulence.

How to prevent the hepatic cancer?

Prevention of the hepatic cancer is very important. Liver changes like as inflammation and cirrhosis may occur on the basis of hepatic cancer. Avoiding using drugs harmful for the liver, infections (hepatitis B, C), excessive weight (obesity) are essential in preventing the hepatic cancer. Vaccines for hepatitis B should be done on time. Treatment of Hepatitis C infected patients, staying healthy and keeping diet, regularly going in for sports play an important role in preventing the hepatic cancer.

How to diagnose the hepatic cancer?

The results of patients diagnosed at an early stage are better. The hepatic cancer is diagnosed by various imaging methods (USE, CT, MRI), routine physical examinations and blood tests. It is possible to stop the disease at an early stage using some tests before the formation of the hepatic cancer.

What is the relation with the fatty liver and the hepatic cancer?

The hepatitic cancer can develop at early stages of patients with specific fatty liver (progressive alcohol-free fatty liver disease (NAFLD), alcohol-free fatty liver disease (NASH). But it doesn’t mean that every fatty liver can turn into the hepatic cancer. These diseases are not considered cancer.

Can the biliary cirrhosis turn into the hepatic cancer?

Yes. Primary billiary cirrhosis may turn into the hepatic cancer as it damages the intrahepatic bile ducts for a long time. Patients with primary billiary cirrhosis shall be followed up by a liver diseases specialist (hepatologist).

Is the treatment of the hepatic cancer like other cancers?

Answer: In general, main treatments applied for the treatment of all cancer types are also common for the hepatic cancer. These are:

  • Local treatment of the disease: Surgery (removal of tumor, liver transplantation)radiation treatments tumor burning (radiofrequency, microwave ablation), freezing (cryoablation), injecting alcohol into the tumor, the process of occlusion of the arteria feeding the tumor by the chemotherapy applied through the hepatic vein.
  • Various chemotherapy drugs are administered when the disease is spread outside the liver.

Is the herbal treatment recommended for the hepatic cancer?

Herbal treatment is a term comprised of thousands of ingredients. Unfortunately, the products produced by some companies and easily available on the market are increasing day by day. My recommendation: it is useful not to use such drugs without permission and follow-up of doctors.

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