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  • Treatment
    of the pancreatic cancer

    This disease can be treated with a surgical operation if it is not spread to other organs. Surgery continues to be an important part of the treatment...
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  • The most effective
    Treatment of the liver cancer

    Surgery or liver transplantation?

Who is Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kerem ?

He graduated from the faculty of Medicine of Chukurova University in 1994. He studied in General Surgery department of the faculty of Medicine of Erjiyez University in 1994-2000. He worked as the specialist on General Surgery at Tarsus State Hospital in 2000-2004 and at Kayseri State Hospital in 2002-2004.
He began his career as a teacher of the faculty of Medicine in Gazi University in 2004. He got the degree of Associate Professor in 2007 and Professor in 2013 and he continues his career at the same university. He participated as an invited professor in New York Memorial Slaon Kettering Oncology Center in 2010, in Toronto Central Hospital of Toronto University in 2014, twice in Pancreas and Hepatic surgery centers of ASAN Hospital in the capital of Korea Seoul in 2016 and 2018,

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Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q)

Find below the answers to frequently asked questions about general surgery

What are the symptoms of the hepatic cancer

Weakness, fatigue, jaundice (yellowness of the skin color), pain, skin bruises or bleeding, weight loss and swelling may be symptoms.

How to prevent the hepatic cancer?

Prevention of the hepatic cancer is very important. Hepatic changes such as inflammation and cirrhosis are common at the background of the hepatic cancer. Avoiding from taking drugs harmfull for the liver, infections (hepatitis B and C) and excess weight (obesity) is important in preventing the hepatic cancer. Vaccines against Hepatitis B should be taken in time. Treatment of patients infected by hepatitis C, healthy diet and regular exercises help to prevent the hepatic cancer.

How is the hepatic cancer diagnosed?

The results of patients diagnosed at an early stage are better. The presence of the hepatic cancer is examined through various screening techniques (USE (Ultrasound Examination), CT (computer tomography) scan, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), regular therapeutic examination and blood tests. It is possible to delay the disease at the earliest stage through some tests before the formation of the hepatic cancer.

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