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Laparoscopic pancreatic surgery

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What is the laparoscopic pancreatic surgery?

Laparoscopic pancreatic surgery can minimize some of the risks and anxiety associated with standard open surgery of the candidate patients. Laparoscopic surgery is usually performed by opening a 3 to 4 cm or 1 cm incision, thus saving patients from a large incision.

Specially designed surgical instruments are used to remove the tumor or to remove the whole gland after examining the nearby blood vessels. The deep and central part of the pancreas has always been regarded as a fearful and careful body for surgeons due to the "wet sponge" tissue.

In addition to the complexity of the pancreatic surgery, a small unpleasant touch can cause bleeding, since a capsule lacks in the pancreas. Therefore, it is advisable to perform the pancreatic surgery by a surgeon aware even about the smallest details.

What are the advantages of the pancreatic surgery?

  • Less pain
  • Short-term hospitalization
  • Low risk of blood infection
  • Resuming activities or work quicker
  • Spleen protection
  • Low risk of wound infections
  • Faster subsequent developmental processes
  • Smaller scarring
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Who is the candidate of the laparoscopic pancreatic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is an ideal choice for tumors located on the tail of the pancreas. The candidates who are to be undergone to laparoscopic resection are determined by the surgeons examining the CT scan images. Typically, a repetitive CT scan is required 1-2 months before surgery. Larger tumors of any part of the pancreas where an open surgery is necessary, laparoscopic surgery shall be performed to investigate the spread of cancer before a large abdominal incision is made. If the tumor is spread to other organs, open surgery is not returned back and the operation is terminated. Thus, if the patient receives chemotherapy, it can be planned in advance.

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