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What is the laparoscopy?

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What is the laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a type of surgery that uses smaller surgical incisions than you expect. This process takes its name from a laparoscope, it is performed with a small video camera and a thin tool that gives light at the end. When the surgeon enters your abdomen with this system through a small incision, he/she can see what happens on a video monitor. Traditional surgical procedures require larger incisions. Thanks to special instruments, your surgeon will not have to make larger incisions. Therefore, laparoscopy means less cutting.

Have you heard anything about minimally invasive surgery? Laparoscopy is a type of minimal invasive surgery. Laparoscopy was first used for gall bladder surgery and gynecological operations. Then it was begun to be used for the intestine, liver and other organs used. Recently, laparoscopic procedures have been performed by the pancreas, biliary and liver surgeons.

How is it performed?

Before this system appeared, the patient had to make an incision of 6 to 15 centimeter long for the surgical procedure. This length could be larger or smaller to allow the surgeons to see what they are doing and what they should do.

Several small incisions are made in laparoscopic surgery. Usually, each one is of half centimeter long (therefore they are sometimes called keyhole surgery). A tube (trocar) is inserted through each incision. Camera and special tools are led through these holes and operation is performed.

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What are the advantages of the laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery has several advantages over conventional surgery.

Because it requires less incision:

  • You will have smaller wounds
  • You will be discharged from the hospital earlier
  • When the scars are healed, you feel less pain and heal faster.
  • You can resume your normal activity
  • You will have less internal wounds.
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