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Total pancreatectomy

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Complete removal of the pancreas (total pancreatectomy)

Is it possible to live without pancreas?

Apart from pancreas, this operation involves the removal of the gall bladder, a part of stomach and small intestine and spleen. Pancreas is completely removed if cancer is spread throughout the pancreas. However, such kind of operations is preferred less as they are not predominant and has a lot of adverse effects.

Is it possible to live without pancreas?

Yes, you can live without pancreas. But you will encounter with problems.

Endocrine insuffiency: When the entire pancreas is removed, the cells secreting the insulin and other hormones that cause protection of blood sugar levels are also eliminated. Despite insulin support, controlling blood sugar is more difficult for other diabetic patients.

Exocrine insuffiency: Pancreas is very important for the digestive system. It secretes the enzymes that help to digest proteins and fat. It is necessary to take the pancreatic enzymes for lifetime In order to help digestion after surgery. Your surgeon may recommend you to make some vaccines because the spleen will also be removed.

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