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Palliative pancreatic surgery

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Palliative surgery

If the pancreatic cancer is large enough to be removed and spread to other organs, any operation to be performed will be temporary (to alleviate and to prevent complaints).

As the pancreatic cancer can be suddenly spread, especially at patients with poor condition, temporary surgery is not recommended. Sometimes bypass surgery can also be performed as a temporary short-term operation in order to prevent and relieve symptoms whenever it is decided that the tumor will not be removed during the operation.

In cases of bile duct obstruction: The tumor growing at the head of the pancreas may block the common bile duct passing through this part of the pancreas. It can cause pain and digestive problems, because the bile can not flow into the intestine. The bile substances will be collected in the body, resulting in problems such as jaundice, nausea, vomiting and so on. Therefore, a new duct is made between the bile duct and the small intestine and bile is emptied into the intestine.

Stomach occlusion: When the pancreatic cancer grows, it is difficult for the stomach to empty. Thus, vomiting and weight loss occurs at the patients. Bypass surgery is performed between the stomach and the intestine to empty the stomach.

Severe pain: Pankreas kanseri hemen arkasında bulunan sinirsel yapılara yayılarak şiddetli bel ve karın ağrılarına neden olabilir. Bu bölgelere ameliyat sırasında saf alkol enjeksiyonları yapılarak ağrı giderilir.

Other palliative methods

The above mentioned procedures can be done at most of the patients by using endoscopic and radiological methods without any surgical operation.

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