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Treatment of the liver metastasis

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Treatment of the liver metastasis

There are different options in treatment. But in most patients, abating treatments are applied at the forefront. The purpose of the treatment is to extend the life span of the patient and to improve the quality of life.

The selection of the treatment option is specified as follows:

  • The patient's age and general health status
  • The number, size, and location of the metastasis
  • Cancer-born organ: surgery in large intestines, rectum tumors
  • Medical background of treatment of the hepatic cancer of the patient

Systematic treatments

They are different methods to kill the cancerous tissues:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Biological treatments (Biological Response Modifier, BRM)
  • Targeted treatments
  • Hormonal treatments
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Local treatments

  • Radiation
  • Radiofrequency Ablation (RF): Burning of the cancerous area


In particular, it is a method effective in the liver metastasis of the colorectal (large intestinal) cancers. The most important marker for the operation is the presence of the liver tissue that will remain at the patient after the operation.

The surgical operation is the best choice if it is sufficient and the patient's health status is normal. The selection of the surgical operation is decided basing on the condition of the metastasis.

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