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Treatment of the chronic pancreatitis

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Treatment of the chronic pancreatitis

Patients with chronic Pancreatitis can spend several days or several weeks at the hospital depending on the severity of the disease. Patients may take antibiotics, intravenous fluids, painkillers and other medicines when needed. No dry or fatty foods should be taken during the pancreas healing process. Pancreatic lesions are present in patients with chronic pancreatitis and treatment is required for a longer period. Insulin or enzyme support can be provided as a result of diabetes or fatty defacation caused by the disturbance of the endocrine functions.


The chronic pancreatitis can be treated with endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography or ERCP with advanced therapeutic endoscopy if the cause is narrowed or obstructed the bile or pancreatic duct or is defined as a pseudocyst. These include expansion of the duct, insertion of a stent (hollow tube) to keep the canal open, a sphincterotomy and stent placement to treat a bile duct stenosis, discharge or removal of the cyst. Preventive measures for a recurrent attack are also recommended for patients. It includes avoiding smoking and alcoholic beverages and eating too much fat.

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If endoscopic surgery is not successful at patients with chronic pancreatitis, strictures and cysts, it is tried to eliminate these problems with open and laparoscopic / minimally invasive surgical procedures.

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